My Story

I wasn't always beggar. I used to be a working man with loving family. What actually happend to me?

The Story is not so long. I was worker  in small company. I was reliable, honest, never late. One day I came to work as usual. Something happend during night. A large company bought us jut to make a profit. They sold our brand name and put all workers on the road. I tried to find a new job but with my education and at my age nobody wants me. I kept calling, kept trying. Nothing.

I was depressed. My wife any my two lovelly kids one day left. I came home and found a short note: "Sorry, Jim, I can not live with such looser." That was all! My wife found another guy, took kids and just left me! WIthout even saying goodbye - after 20 years of marriage!

I didn't have any money, my wife forbids me to see my kids, her new boyfriend is rich, has big house, lots of money. I have nothing. I had to leave my house because I could't pay my mortgage loan. Bank took it and sold it. So I have no family, no house, no place to stay. I can't get any job. Only street can be my home.

So I become beggar. I'm begging to survive. I'm begging you to help me. I don't need much, I don't drink, I don't smoke. I only need food and clothes. If you can give me a quarter, I'll be more than happy. I want to get some money so I can get my family back. I want to see my kids. I want to help them. But I can not do that without your help.

Please HELP!

Thank you!


Help Me!

How can you actually help me?

You can donate some money using Paypal. I will be more than happy for every single cent you'll give it to me. I'm allready grateful for visiting my page!

You can also help me and other beggars to save our planet. How? See Save the Earth tag.

Thank you, thank you for your help!


Today (21. of January 2011) after first day of this site online I received my first donation! Thank you Zoran!

I received couple of donations but they don't want to publish their names...So THANK YOU ALL!!!!


Save the Earth

Can we actually save the Earth?

Yes, we can. We beggars live very modest. We don't need a lot. Only food, water and some old clothes. So we actually do a lot to save the Earth. We don't use cars, don't use sprays, we buy only things that we really need. No waste at all. And we usually shop there where is cheap and we can get discounts.

Save the Earth!!

We beggars also try to find the cheapest things on internet. There are many free internet points where we can actually surf. We found a perfect bidding page, where you can buy stuff for so much less than in the store.

Check it here!

Belive it or not, on this page they give you 25$ just to sign on! I tried, signed, got 25$ and bought some bread and water. It was enough also for a used pair of trausers!  And every day I get an extra  20$. I just need to log, read some blog and that's all. Isn't this great?

Get your 25$ here!

I heard that here you can earn some money. I'll try and let you know. Maybe this will help me to get my health and family back!

Thank you!


Contact Me Write me something!

You can send me also support mail, nice word. This will also help me in cold nights and will warm me.
Thank you!
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